About Us

At the crossroads of the Basilica of Santa Margherita, Porta Montanina and the Parterre (Bramasole), overlooking the hills of olive trees you can find Caffè del Torreone.
Founded in 1900 as a mountain shop, it is owned by the Giommetti family from 1950.
Ilona, Luca and Adriana are waiting for you since morning with fresh croissant and the famous cappuccino, served in the typical earthenware cups of Cortona. During the day, its terrace comes alive with a lunch dishes of cold cuts and cheeses of the best local producers, not to mention the salads with fresh buffalo mozzarella.
From sunset until late evening are served aperitifs, cold dinners and selections of grappa and bitter, to the many customers who have always chosen the Caffè del Torreone to relax in the cool of the warm summer evenings.
Open all the year.

At the Coffee of Torreone you will also find:
- Wi-fi free
- Tobacco shop
- Telephone refills
- Wine sales
- Small food shop
- Resale gas cylinders